Styling for The Soul

An Afternoon of Fashion with Dame Lori, the Duchess of Finesse Hosted at the Alicia Mugetti Design Salon

Aug 15, 2013

Dear Alicia,

You have such warm, fascinating guests at your special events -- at the exquisite presentation by Marianne Merritt and Dame Lori Sutherland, I met so many lovely women, including author, Karen Quinn whose new novel, Holly Would Dream, I just finished reading.

In addition to the delightfully witty literary style and plot, including
charming references to Audrey Hepburn and her films, the book focuses on fashion and its history, as well as empowering women, which I know is one of your great passions as a designer. The main character, Holly, works for a fashion museum
and her creative curatorial concepts reminded me of the grand days of Diana Vreeland's monumental exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wished throughout the book that I could see these concepts mounted in real life. Well...maybe when they (hopefully) do a movie of this book (I understand that Sarah Jessica Parker may be in a film version of one of Karen's other novels, The Ivy Chronicles).

I'm looking forward to visiting you soon...

xoxo, Tina

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A conversation about fashion,

Extract from a tea talk evening- Alicia and Tina Seligman.

Dec 17, 2007

"When you were a child, your parents decided what you would wear. As an adult, the Fashion Industry decides for you. To encourage consumer spending, the industry creates constantly changing trends of hemlines, colors and silhouettes. Women often lose their own identity as they try to follow or keep up with the “new look.” In order to reclaim empowerment, many women discover their own voice and style through clothing that makes them feel like the goddess they are. However, if you find a style that works for you, it may not be able to find it the following year. The industry actually uses the feminine game of seduction to control women. For example, in shoe design, you might have ballet slipper flats for a year. The next year, nothing flatter than a 2-inch heel is available. As a designer, I express and develop a concept that exists outside of the industry trends to offer women an opportunity to discover what works for them individually."

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